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lighting Turbo Fan

lighting Turbo Fan lighting Turbo Fan lighting Turbo Fan
Product name:lighting Turbo Fan

 World is facing a long-term power shortages and nervous , you whether because of the 
shortage of power frequent power cuts your workshop , warehouse, working environment,
 living environment, etc.Now recommend to you our company free power turbine ventilator
lighting, he can solve for you because of high temperature, damp , poor ventilation , indoor
caused a series of  problems such as dark  , do not need to use electricity  ,  environmental 
protection, energy saving, one-time investment, enjoy the infinite. Without electricity, safety,
no noise  ,   not affected by any wind .  24 hours in a timely manner to replace the fresh air, 
providing natural light into the interior  ,  easily make your working environment  ,  living
environment, internal keep refreshing and purifying workshop, warehouse.

Introduction :
Type: centrifugal fan
Current mode: no power.The wind.
Blade material: 100% of polycarbonate
Installation: roof fan
Country of origin: Guang Zhou, China (mainland)
Brand name: BANFU
Model: 120-1200 - mm
Power: wind power generation, natural wind, no power,
Voltage: no power
Quantity: 2100 m3 / h - 7000 m3 / h
Speed: 6 km/hour, 21 km/hour
Certification: CCC, CE, ISO9001
Provide after-sales service: overseas services are provided
Materials: polycarbonate, stainless steel, galvanized steel. 
Type 1: Total height  500 mm
The structure of quality: high quality,
Product advantage 1 : improve factory lighting brightness
The advantage of product 2: no maintenance and operating costs,
The advantage of product 3: water and dust,
4the advantage of products to improve air quality,
5: the advantage of the products increase productivity.
Delivery time: soon, 10 days.

The advantage of the products (can change traditional, lighting unpowered fan)
). To improve indoor lighting brightness,
2).Any maintenance and operating costs,
3).Water and dust,
4).Improving air quality,
5).Improve the work efficiency.
6).The structure of the high quality,
7).The accuracy of operation equipment,
8).Green environmental protection ventilation and lighting equipment
9), wide applicability.All kinds of industrial workshop roof pressure plate light 
steel structure, concrete roof can also be installed.No need to support,
installation is convenient.


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