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SparkLite tubular skylight system was guided into warehouse

Author: Date:2014-4-14 10:41:29

SparkLite tubular skylight was guided into warehouse

Object: warehouse


The sparklite daylighting system was expected to bring natural daylight into high rack warehouse, producing department, office and meeting room, which makes the employees working in a natural, comfortable environment, to create higher productivity. And for another thing, to save electric power and reduce running cost for the enterprise. Helps to build the enterprise to be a green energy saving high tech manufactory.


Solve program:

Take an 600 meter square high rack warehouse for example. It is amazing that the reforming didn’t disturb the employees work at all, and the employees feel it is definitely an visual impact for them, the good appearance, and the most important for them is that they can free their eyes from the electric light and enjoy natural light.


Referee: Mr Jiandong Wong (warehouse charge)

I am very practical, for me, the most important is cheap and fine, and sparklite is the right system I am looking for. Its price is only one third compared to others. But the quality is definitely not bad then them, I like their design more. We are a small warehouse, sparklite save cost for us and helps our employee improve productivity. It’s very wise to choose sparklite.

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Skype: michellerong84