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New York: use technology bring sunshine into the worlds first underground underground park

Author: Date:2015-10-19 16:01:26
 "Under the sun" zero uv!The science and technology to collect sunlight in the ground, and then let the sunlight penetration to 20 feet underground, and illuminate the whole underground park.

A set of New York City park planning is planning to set up the world's first underground park.On October 18, their dreams and close to a step, set up an underground park laboratory, will be on display in the underground park cultivated plants and adoption of solar energy science and technology.
Called Lowline underground park behind is dedicated to promote use of technology in social creative way, barak and NASA engineers before Ramsey.
Two years ago in the lower east side Manhattan found a covers an area of 1.5 acres (0.6 hectares) of the abandoned underground trolley terminal, decided to follow the concept of Manhattan Highline park high, will be abandoned terminal into underground park.The Highline park is abandoned elevated railway into the park.
amazon ferns and all kinds of flowers.
Biggest problem is how to make the plant underground park to get enough sunlight to continue to grow.In the exhibition show authorities over the past few years for the underground tram terminal advanced solar energy technology in growing plants.This technology is in the ground to collect sunlight, and then let the sunlight penetration to 20 feet underground, and illuminate the whole underground park.
"Under the sunshine" zero ultraviolet light
Introduction, the solar energy transmitted to the ground will not transmit ultraviolet ray, so underground park visitors don't have to worry about will be burned.The light can promote the photosynthesis, make plants grow.

Lowline laboratory is not only an exhibition, it is also the authorities test sites.In the next few months, Lowline team will pay attention to the growth of plants, on the basis of review should adjust solar technology, so that eventually used in underground park.
Thank Lowline team of Chinese class, the trust of new energy technology co., LTD., after more than a year of negotiations and experiment, Lowline team finally selected and adopted the banff light guide lighting lighting system.

Banff light guide lighting lighting system structure and working principle
"Class," light guide lighting lighting system, which contains a light shade, mounting rack, light guide, retaining ring, ring, diffuse.Make full use of this system through the light shade to receive natural light and sunshine resources through high reflection light pipe to the diffuse reflection and transmission, and the diffuse back light source distribution even efficiently illuminate indoors any natural light need to light.Warm in winter and cool in summer, the system can not only ensure the loss of indoor heat and air conditioning, also can ensure the incoming of outdoor heat and air conditioning.The system fully rely on natural light to solve indoor lighting during the day, no uv transmission.Achieved without electricity, green low carbon, zero emissions, and the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection, banff light guide lighting lighting system can meet the production and use of energy saving, electricity saving, material saving and environmental protection.The system provides quality assurance for 12 years warranty, can achieve 30 years of the life test.

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