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Injection plant analysis of tubular skylight

Author: Date:2014-4-23 11:14:55
Injection plant analysis

Objection: industrial plant
Purpose: reduce electric energy using, improving the day lighting quality, to avoid the possibility of fir disaster made by the long time using wire.

Product using: SPT-400RT (40cm diameter tubular day lighting system)

The presented plant covers about 1000 meter square, ceiling height to the floor is 10meter, without natural daylight, main lighting tools are electric lamp. After installing the SPT-400RT, the electric lamp got a break at day time. From morning to twilight, about 10 hour’s daylight get inside. Lighting without electrical power avoid fire disaster perfectly.

Referrer (plant owner: Mr Huang)
After installing the day lighting system, the productivity improves. Normally, we need to work overtime before to finish work, and now it seems ends the overwork time. The guys here can enjoy their after working time freely and get a refresh for next day’s work, the positive cycle comes. I appreciated this change. This changes also impresses my friends and customers, they feel very interested about installing the system. 

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Skype: michellerong84