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BANFU550-RT light guide lighting system is applied to the factory office

Author: Date:2016-6-28 15:11:11
 BANFU light guide lighting lighting system (optical illumination) applied to the office -- -- -- -- -- in improving the internal environment and improve the overall health of employees, and save the energy, reduce the cost.Banff light guide lighting lighting system can be applied in the building of sustainable renovation and is a great product.Thank general support, hu ZhuHu total business is thriving!Money and treasures will be plentiful.

Banff BANFU "light guide lighting lighting system, which contains a light shade, mounting rack, light guide, retaining ring, ring, diffuse. This system makes full use of the resources through the light shade to receive natural light and through high reflection light pipe to the diffuse reflection and transmission, and the diffuse light source distribution reassembles natural light even efficiently illuminate indoors anywhere need light. Warm in winter and cool in summer, the systeental protection, the purpose of banff BANFU light guide lighting lighting system can meet the production and use of energy saving, electricity saving, material saving and environmental protection. The system provides quality assurance for 12 years warranty, life test can reach 30 years of life cycle.
Banff BANFU light guide lighting lighting system has advocated the new idea of building energy efficiency, and simple structure, installation and removal, flexible and low cost can create comfortable light environment construction.m can not only ensure the loss of indoor heat and air conditioning, also can ensure the incoming of outdoor heat and air conditioning. The system is completely dependent on natural light to solve indoor lighting during the day, without electricity, green low carbon, zero emissions, energy conservation, environ.

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